Monday, June 16, 2014


Recently I've seen this ever growing trend come to life and I can't help but to mention it because in all honesty, its adorable! Usually tassels make me think of formal things like graduation caps, mens loafers and outdated drapery tiebacks. But now they're making a comeback in a much more fun and relatable way. I came across this fun post from Sugar & Cloth for a DIY Summer Pom Pom Throw and I've already ordered this throw to add some tassels/pom poms and turn it into my favorite summer shawl/picnic blanket/ pool sarong. We're even using tassel trim on a client's master bath drapery.

So how does it translate into a wardrobe or home decor? The key is small doses. A bracelet or tunic here, a pillow there, will definitely be a fun way to try the trend. What's your thought on pom poms and tassels?

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