Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The long hair/short hair debate occupies my mind at the start of summer every year. Maybe its that first day when it hits 90 degrees and the hair goes up immediately. My hair M.O. has pretty much been the same since high school: long hair, layers, side part and a dark blond color. I've thrown a few twists in there when I went uber blond, tried ombre, and I once even tried bangs (ahh!), but the recent trend I've noticed requires more than quick trip to the colorist. I've noticed so many celebs chopping off their hair to a just above/just below shoulder length. It looks super fresh and clean, lightweight for warm weather, and really flattering. Does it work on everyone? I know we're seeing them in flattering pictures (who wouldn't want to have a hair guru fluff them before they walk into public, yes please!) but this looks like a style that is here to stay, something that could convert even the most loyal of the long hair club.


all images via pinterest

What are your thoughts on short v. long hair? My hair grows at a snails pace so chopping it off would be a commitment. While I contemplate the pros/cons, I'll be keeping my mane as tame as possible with my favorite hair tools:

For giggles (since you made it to the end of this post), in college I signed up to be a "hair model" for the Frederic Fekkai salon in Dallas. I had to have an "open mind" (which I did), and they went to town with my hair. Cut off 6", toned out my color and gave me BANGSSS!!!! I think I enjoyed it for all of a few days and then went back to lusting for long hair. I'm way less picky now, I would love something a little easier to handle then the mop I have on my head, but that's besides the point. Please ignore the wallpaper and the horrible selfie action going on, enjoy!

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