why hello!

my name is sydney, a twenty-something gal living deep in the heart of texas. i work in the interior design industry and i have a great love for beautiful things.

i will always be on the search for the perfect set of sheets. i believe in the almighty power of a fresh coat of white paint. i truly think a home will never feel complete until you have a furry friend to share it with. a glass of sauvignon blanc will make almost anything better. love for mexican food runs in my dna. at 6'3" tall, flats are always my first choice, but every once in a while i just need to throw on a pair of heels.

a pop of color will always be a go-to staple for both style and home. a white bed is not only aesthetically appealing, but it also eases the mind. i thank my mother's genetics and kate somerville for quenched skin. i think the best way to spend a paycheck is on travel.