Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy Monday! It's always hard to transition back into the real world from a fun weekend, but here we are again. I had a weekend full of fun new-ish things, like a slight cold front blowing through (low 90's during the day!!) and a shopping trip that resulted in some serious lust for fall items! It sounds ridiculous since it's so hot out, but I just recently discovered Soft Joie, the casual and lower price point line from Joie, and I am obsessed. I'll have to keep it on the radar for when long sleeves can even be thought about without fainting from heat stroke. 

So while watching Lindsay Lohan get a fresh start on Oprah last night, I had a fun pinning spree/moment with Pinterest and I'm feeling inspired. So many wonderful and inspiring images of spaces, food and fashion. And what did y'all think of LiLo? I'm always rooting for a comeback for someone who truly wants it.

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