Friday, August 2, 2013


And we've made it. Looking forward to some serious pool time this weekend. It has been brutally hot outside and it's seriously starting to cramp my style! But here we are in the month of August and something fabulous is about to begin... Houston Restaurant Weeks! A great opportunity to try new restaurants all benefiting the Houston Food Bank. A typical lunch is 2-3 courses for $20 and dinner is 3-4 courses for $35. Perfect time to try a new place!

Orange Is The New Black: In case you haven't already heard about this amazing show, here's the run down on my new obsession. Main character Piper  goes to prison for a 15 month sentence for a crime she committed 10 years prior- carrying a suitcase full of drug money for her drug smuggling former girlfriend. Fast forward to her life 10 years later, she must leave her fiance behind to enter prison and serve her sentence. The characters and storyline are HILARIOUS! (and TRUE!). Please do yourself a favor and sign up for the free month trial of Netflix and jump on the bandwagon. I can't even explain how freaking great this show is! The boyfriend and I watched all 13 episodes in a little over a week.. it's that good. And yes, we have that much time. (click here for even more OITNB fun!)

Have a great weekend y'all!

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