Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm always perusing Pinterest and finding really cool things for personal/blog life and work life. I find it pretty cool that Pinterest is a main place where we look for specific things when trying to come up with concepts for clients... painted floors, cabinet details, and inspiration in general, its all there. 

Something I also love about Pinterest is all the recipes and food pictures! Man it makes me hungry. And summer time is no different. How about all the recipes for watermelon and tomato salads? Anyways, here is a peek at three of my favorite how-to's that have really gotten me in the mood for summer!

20 Best Recipes for Homemade Ice Cream:

This is a gem. It gives your instructions on how to make ice cream in a blender, bag or in your ice cream maker. Plus it has recipes for flavors like vanilla bean, strawberry, coffee, oreo... yum! Another way to make ice cream? With just a banana... check that out here!

How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee:

Now this is what I'm talking about! I'm not shy to declare my love for my Toddy. It's so easy to use and it makes the perfect concentrated brew of coffee. I mix it with ice and water in the AM, add a little milk and sugar and I'm out the door. Because lets face it people, a cup of hot coffee on a summer morning is less than ideal. But if you're not sold on buying a brew system just yet, try this super easy method from Health magazine on how to make it at home with just cheesecloth or coffee filters. Good tip to remember is to have your coffee ground as course as possible- this helps to not clog your brew when you strain it.

How To Pick a Superstar Watermelon:

This is kind of one of those things that seems like common knowledge, right? At least I thought so, until I read this post. I used to go for the prettiest watermelon, but Fifteen Spatulas taught me otherwise. A fun, quick and informative post on how to pick the right watermelon and cut it with ease. Enjoy!

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