Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hi! Sucker for beauty products here. Seriously- need an opinion on a face lotion or hair serum? I'm your gal. It's a very serious problem. My new roommate also thinks so. Roommate actually being my wonderful boyfriend, he already doesn't see the point in baskets full of toiletries (because it's in his DNA or something- his words!).  But I really can't resist a few new products for summer. I try to avoid blow drying in the summer at all costs, so I can't wait to make the bumble & bumble surf shampoo and conditioner part of my daily routine. It will help to hold some natural wave so my hair doesn't look like I avoided a brush. Also, coral tinted lip balm? I'm in. But the best is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick which you can use on eyes/cheeks/lips, perfect for summer!

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