Friday, May 24, 2013


So happy that a 3 day weekend is here and I have no plans! I'm looking forward to a whole weekend of lounging by the pool. Maybe the water will actually be warm! Sounds ridiculous, but it's usually so chilly that only Lola jumps in. In July, when it feels like bath water though, I will secretly wish that I had never hoped for warm water. Anyways, I have some new magazines to read (Elle Decor, House Beautiful and InStyle are always in my rotation) and I got some great feedback from the summer reading post, so I'm officially adding Where'd You Go, Bernadette to my list as well. Other things on my radar:

  • WALKING DEAD: While I'm not fond of zombie or vampire entertainment (except for True Blood) I started watching The Walking Dead this week, and I am obsessed! You can find seasons 1-3 on Netflix/iTunes and season 4 starts this fall. I never thought I'd be so into 'walkers' and a zombie apocalypse, but this show is addicting!
  • STICKY GRAM: So this is my favorite thing about our kitchen, all of my instagrams on our fridge! Sticky Gram is a company that takes your instagrams and turns them into magnets! They come in sheets of 9, and through June 17th use the code "LOVEYOUDADDIO" to get 3 sheets for the price of 2!
My Sticky Grams!

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