Friday, April 27, 2012

Searching for: the perfect rug

Happy Friday! Sometimes the weeks go by quickly, and others not so much... But whenever Friday comes along, I can't help but be excited! Realizing it's Friday is like seeing a picture of Ryan Gosling... it reminds me that there are great things about this world, and Ryan Gosling and Fridays are two of those great things.

Other great things include my boyfriend's dog Lola, finding awesome free dressers that become your next DIY project, enjoying the beautiful spring in Texas before the triple digit weather, researching the next vacation and continuing on my search for the perfect 
home decor.

How cute is she?!

Back to the home decor search... Yes, I come across great things at work, seriously great. I want to snatch them all up and be done with my new place! But basically my budget prevents me from doing so... and the idea that I'll find something that I love right after I make the purchase. So here I am.. still looking for a rug...

I keep coming across these beautiful, bright, geometric, hint of surprise rugs and they keep leading me back to the same place... Madeline Weinrib! Y'all, seriously, her rugs are tres fab.. I want one right now for my bedroom... and living room.... andddd... well you catch my drift..

I love that the a few of the rooms are pretty neutral and then the rug gives that pop of color. Beautiful! I'll still be searching the perfect rug.. something in budget and fabulous.. it will happen! 

Until then I'll enjoy my weekend with miss lola... and plotting the next trip with my man... have a great weekend!

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