Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm moving in less than a month and I can't wait to join two of my best friends in this adorable little house we found! Until then, I'll be searching through magazines and pinterest to find some inspiration for a new headboard. Which leads me to the question of neutral or graphic? A classic all white bed with textures and fluffy pillows that I want to jump right into? Or should I finally not be boring about my decor and take the plunge with some bold prints & color? So many choices!


How great is that red fabric? I was visiting Isla Mujeres, Mexico, last year and there was a lady selling this fabric at her shop. I immediately googled it when I got home! The embroidered fabric is called "Otomi" and you can find it online here.

Holy mother of color- somehow I can't stop staring!

An updated master from Lily (of Serena & Lily). Bold pattern with the headboard, neutral prints with small splashes of color on the bed and a vintage suzani piece that really pops. Feels serene even with the colors and prints.

A little on the Shabby Chic side, but it looks comfy! I love that the white fabrics are in different textures.

How glamourous is this?! The white bed and walls make color pop that much more. Helloooo pink flowers!

white + off white + tan= neutral bedding perfection

So what's your take on this bedding dilemma? I'd love your suggestion! And if I can't find a beautiful bed, I at least hope to have a comfortable bed like this little guy.

pretty adorable, huh?

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